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The ultra-modern gaming community and social network built for gamers of all skills!
Losing is just an opportunity to shine brighter. Shine with us in the most devoted gaming community!

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The Best Way to Connect With Your Friends!
It has never been easier to connect and play your favorite games with your friends or players of the same or better rank. Viva Play is the house to dozens of such gamers.

Amazing Community

Take part of the most amazing and inclusive community for gamers of all skills and find your perfect teammate to play with

Mobile Games Developer

Viva Play is a casual mobile games developer publishing games on Google Play Store since 2019

Incredible Design

All the products of Viva Play are carefully designed to bring you the most unique and immersive experience possible


Casual Mobile Games Development!

Viva Play, previously under the name of Variablr Studio or Variablr Team, has developed and published numerous mobile games for Android on the Google Play Store, some of which became very popular, reaching almost 500,000 downloads with ~1,000 monthly downloads.


One of the Most Modern SAMP Servers!

We’re currently developing one of the most modern SAMP server which is going to run a RP/RPG game mode.
It was created by combining the most appreciated features from the RP game modes with those from the RPG ones. In addition, we implemented a lot more systems and features that were missing from most RP game modes.

Our ultimate goal is to create a truly RP gaming experience while keeping the most appreciated features of the RPG game modes.

Game themed Social Network!

The Viva Play community has a special section which is similar to a social network, mainly intended for socializing, collaborating or even streaming games. You can also create public and private groups or join the existing ones in order to find people with common interests. From the account hub so you can easily manage lots of stuff, like groups creation, groups management, avatar and cover upload, main profile info, email settings and much more!

Compete with Members
of the Community!

Using the GamiPress plugin, we implemented achievements, credits, and ranks features into the Viva Play community and we built a super complete gamification system that has badges, quests, ranks and credits in order to increase the competitiveness among members.
You can find all these in the side menu while accessing our forums or any other page, except for our home page where it is not visible.

All the earned credits and achievements will be visible on your profile and forum posts.

Connect with dozens of Gamers and Developers!

There are dozens of game developers and gamers of all skills, members of the Viva Play community, which you can connect with on our forums. Also, there are hundreds of game servers assets, graphical assets, web assets and many more!

Many achievements and ranks are earned based on your number of posts on our forums and their quality.

Also, all the official and affiliated game servers can be found on our forums.

Viva Play Community

Asked Questions

We know that some of you may have lots of questions about the community, how it works, and what you can and cannot do, so here’s a recopilation of the most common questions we get asked.

If you have any further questions, just send us an email to [email protected]

In order to create an account on the Viva Play community you will need to go to on the registration page and fill in the required data, after which you will need to confirm your email address using the link received in your inbox.

Yes, anyone can create an account on as long as before, they haven’t been banned from accessing our website for various reasons.

Of course, every friend invited on our SAMP server brings you in-game benefits, and if he also creates an account on our forum, you’ll get additional benefits from our staff members.

Compared to other gaming communities, Viva Play was designed on a sustainable business model and is using one of the most popular web platforms today, WordPress.

Some of the benefits of affiliating your game server to Viva Play are that we’re going to advertise your server on our homepage and forums, a dedicated server section will be created on our forums and you’re going to receive technical support from our community if needed.

For the development of mobile games such as Knives Master and Home Designer – Match 3 we used Unity3D, Firebase and Google Play Games as primary tools & libraries.

Viva Play Community

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