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Announcements - General - February 14, 2023

Moving towards Zero Ads

In the world of online media and technology, advertisements have become an essential source of revenue for many companies. However, we understand that ads can often be disruptive and frustrating to users. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are moving towards a zero-ad experience on our website and mobile apps, thanks to our upcoming Viva Play Accounts Center.

The Accounts Center is the place where users can manage all their different accounts on our mobile games including their privacy-related data, user activity, subscriptions and in-game purchases, Viva Points and many other features that will be announced after release. The most significant benefit of the Accounts Center is that it enables us to deliver a more seamless, ad-free experience to our users across all of our products.

We are excited to offer our users the option to purchase a subscription that will eliminate every ad on our platform and bring numerous in-game benefits. The subscription will be a small fee that is easily affordable for everyone. In exchange, users will be able to enjoy a premium, ad-free experience, access to exclusive content, early access to new features, and other in-game bonuses that will enhance their gaming experience on Viva Play.

The subscription model will provide a superior experience to users while enabling us to continue providing high-quality content and keep our products free for everyone.

We are thrilled to be moving towards a zero-ad experience on our platform and providing our users with a more seamless, enjoyable experience. We look forward to rolling out these changes and providing an even more superior experience to our users.