Moving towards Zero Ads

In the world of online media and technology, advertisements have become an essential source of revenue for many companies. However, we understand that ads can often be disruptive and frustrating to users. That’s why we are excited to announce that we are moving towards a zero-ad experience on our website and mobile apps, thanks to […]

Viva Play Community is launching!

After dozens of bug fixes, customizations, re-customizations and a lot of hours spent with optimizing and securing the website and platform, we’re finally launching the Viva Play Community for everyone!You can now create an account on this page and further customize your profile on your account’s page. We’ll further present a the main characteristics of […]

Rebranding & Assets Migration

As some of you may know, the Variablr Team has been acquired last year by Mr. VADIM SHEVCHENKO which is now the sole owner of He now holds all the rights on the mobile games published under the developer name of “BrainMark”, including Knives Master – Knife Throwing Game, which was developed by us. […]