Viva Play Community

Announcements - March 4, 2022

Viva Play Community is launching!

After dozens of bug fixes, customizations, re-customizations and a lot of hours spent with optimizing and securing the website and platform, we’re finally launching the Viva Play Community for everyone!
You can now create an account on this page and further customize your profile on your account’s page.

We’ll further present a the main characteristics of the Viva Play ultra-modern Gaming Community:

The activity feed is very similar to that of popular social media and it’s the place where users can interact in the most fun way by sharing thoughts, moments, pictures and clips from their favorite games or game servers. It has also a very useful feature for Twitch streamers which can be found in the user’s profile, section “stream”.

Most of the content on Viva Play is created on our forums, where you can find the mobile games and game servers managed and developed by us and those that are affiliated with our community. Plus, there are many game developers and enthusiast developers posting lots of development resources and tutorials available to everyone.

We haven’t decided yet if the groups will be exclusively gaming-related or if they’ll also be open to developers.
But the principle is that they’re going to be created around game servers, clans and organizations within games. Some of them will have their own forums and subforums managed exclusively by the group administrators.

Besides all these unique features of the Viva Play community, we strived to deliver the best experience to our visitors and member by optimizing the loading speed of our website. Thus our website received a 99 performance score on pagespeed insights.

Please keep in mind that our website is optimized to deliver the best performance only on desktop devices.

Let all your friend know about our ultra-modern gaming community by sharing this blog post with them! We wish you a lot of fun on our community!